Cecily Anne combines her love of photography with another passion, calm water kayaking. Most of her photographs are taken from her kayak, giving them a unique, on the water perspective. She is fascinated by any reflection, especially those involving Mother Nature. The ‘mirror quality’ of calm water combined with the natural environment can produce some amazing images. When light, water, reflection, kayak, and camera align in just the right way, it is an exhilarating experience.

Cecily Anne earned her degree in photography at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Black and white photography was the standard, color was just becoming available. The familiar smells of the darkroom—developer, stop and fix— were a daily experience and agfa was the film of choice. How times have changed.

Now we are in the era of ‘digital’ and yet the essence of a fine photograph is still the same. Does it move you? Does it call to you? Do you say ‘WOW’ when you first see it? If so, the photographer has captured a piece of essence that speaks to your heart and soul, certainly the goal of this artist as she travels, kayaks and photographs.

Photo credits:
Portrait – Rob Hall
Shooting flowers – Butler Cox (aka BC)
Kayaking – Elizabeth ‘Lily” Scully